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Optimism And Unity Highlights NBL Canada League Meeting

Released: May 14, 2015
By: NBL Canada Media

(Toronto, ON): The National Basketball League of Canada's Board of Governors' meeting today in Toronto was highlighted by a strong commitment of board unity and feelings of optimism regarding the future of the league.
In probably the most important owners' meeting in league history, the team owners were able to openly and honestly discuss the pressing issues at hand and how to resolve them. The owners reaffirmed their commitment to the NBL Canada and expressed their willingness to put aside egos to work together to improve the league in all areas.
Richard Petko the majority owner of the new Niagara NBL Canada expansion franchise, participated in his first board meeting. Niagara's entry into the league was fully approved and executed at the meeting.
"Our obligation as the NBL Board, is to the country and our fans first, not to our own teams," said Vito Frijia, London Lightning owner. "It's our job to build a healthy, vibrant league that we can all be proud of."
Frijia, was unanimously voted as the new President of the NBL Canada for a 2-year term. The Presidency fills a corporate role and is not to be confused with the commissioner's position.
The Board discussed candidates to fill the Commissioner's role and are optimistic that the position will be finalized very soon.
Other points that were confirmed at the meeting included:
*2015-16 Regular Season will start on December 26th and conclude April 30
*Season will consist of 40 games (20 home and 20 away)
*Combine and draft will be held in the month of September with details to be released soon.
*Approved a plan to work with the Director of Officials to implement a training and recruitment program for referees.
*Established a process to revamp the NBL Rules Manual, and committed to an education program for owners, general managers, coaches, players, employees, and officials so the entire league can be on the same page.

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